We at ACOPA believe in encouraging each individual to explore and challenge themselves.  Our courses are based upon the belief that within us all, is a rich tapestry of emotion, intellect and life experience. We all have a story that can be expressed through, Acting, Dance, Cabaret, Music, Creative Writing, Art

An artist must be prepared to allow themselves the vulnerability to accept and embrace the many contradictions and moral challenges of the human condition; fear, hope, anxiety, fantasy, melancholy, optimism, regret, denial, guilt, escapism, acceptance. Thereby gaining a comprehensive  appreciation of what it means to be a fallible resilient creative human being.

We are born into this world to challenge and discover ourselves through our internal processes and that of our relationship with our environment - nature / nurture. Creative pursuits play a pivotal role in our quest for authenticity with a strong sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. Our natural human instinct is towards self discovery, combined with our interaction with our environment. It is through the arts where we gain a strong sense of who we are, awakening our unique potential to be who we are supposed to be. A healthy resilient society is based upon self fulfilment, community interaction and working toward our goals  - mind, body & soul. The ACOPA philosophy is based upon the belief that the human spirit can flourish and goals achieved within a dynamic learning environment

Meet The Team


Lindsay Saddington

Lindsay is the owner, founder and creative producer of Club Voltaire. He is also the owner of Saddington Studios and the artistic director of the Australian Center of Performance and Art. experience. He has been an actor in film, television, and theatre; a director of theatre and music video productions; and a producer of theatre, music video, and film. Lindsay has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major, Psychology and Sociology, including Theatre Arts at Victoria College, Toorak Campus (Deakin) — studies that are related to Lindsay’s fascination by all things human, what makes us tick, and what has meaning to us.


Megan Wilson

Megan is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and producer with an interest in Burlesque, physical theatre, yoga and movement as mindfulness. Having worked in the dance industry through a variety of mediums Megan brings that experience to her role as Movement Director and Marketing Manager at ACOPA. Megan has completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand and has trained in Melbourne, New Zealand, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York


Mike Boyd

Mike is a photographer and videographer for the alternative fashion electronic and print magazine, Alt Life Magazine and for Club Voltaire He has completed many Corporate, Industrial and Private video and photo assignments involving groups and individuals, ranging from special events for a large insurance company to weddings to magazine shoots which have been used for customer education, magazine production, and marketing.

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Teig Sadhana

Teig is a London-born Australian/English actor based out of New York City and Melbourne. He is an assistantship holding member of the world leading Professional Conservatory at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting on Broadway. He has spent the last several years living between London, New York, Melbourne, and The ACT, developing his craft and working across a multitude of levels and in a variety of settings from international arts festivals (Talk Dirty To Me, Perth Fringe), to esteemed London playhouses (Figures of Speech, Almeida Theatre), to full scale professional television productions (Secret City, The Code, Foxtel). With over 10 years in the industry beneath him, Teig has collected deeply valuable experience, performing in award-winning stage-plays (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Canberra Rep) and self-producing festival recognised short films (A Lonely Harvest). Coming from the Adler method, a clear branch from that of Stanislavski, Teig has an acutely technical understanding of the artform and a strong will to share that with his students. Whilst he is based back in Australia, Teig is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a member of faculty at ACOPA, guiding the next generation of Australian artists

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Liv Rian

Liv Rian is a Melbourne based Actor, model, dancer, director and film maker.

Having trained in Theatre and Screen, Liv is an active member of the Australia’s creative scene.


Starting out as a Professional Dancer dancing for major Australian events and productions such as, the National Basketball League, Crown Casino, Music videos and more.

Liv toured internationally with her former dance crew, most notably through the US and India to film Disney’s ‘Anybody Can Dance 2’ in 2014. And has been teaching commercial dance to people of all ages since 2013.


This influenced Liv to pursue acting. Training with some of Australia’s leading teachers both from here and abroad.


In her time spent as a working model, Liv was able to network and gain an understanding of the importance of marketing whilst maintaining working relationships for creative endeavours and take control of creative direction on set. Particularly focusing on building your personal brand and casting capabilities which translate across the creative sector in Australia.


Liv has garnered 10 years’ experience with Improv, acting technique, scene study, audition workshops, and acting for screen.

From writing and producing comedy web series to directing her own films recognized by industry leaders and Film Festivals around the country.