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Our Teachers & their

We at ACOPA believe in encouraging each individual to explore and challenge themselves.  Our courses are based upon the belief that within us all, is a rich tapestry of emotion, intellect and life experience. We all have a story that can be expressed through, Acting, Dance, Cabaret, Music, Creative Writing, Art

An artist must be prepared to allow themselves the vulnerability to accept and embrace the many contradictions and moral challenges of the human condition; fear, hope, anxiety, fantasy, melancholy, optimism, regret, denial, guilt, escapism, acceptance. Thereby gaining a comprehensive  appreciation of what it means to be a fallible resilient creative human being.

We are born into this world to challenge and discover ourselves through our internal processes and that of our relationship with our environment - nature / nurture. Creative pursuits play a pivotal role in our quest for authenticity with a strong sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. Our natural human instinct is towards self discovery, combined with our interaction with our environment. It is through the arts where we gain a strong sense of who we are, awakening our unique potential to be who we are supposed to be. A healthy resilient society is based upon self fulfilment, community interaction and working toward our goals  - mind, body & soul. The ACOPA philosophy is based upon the belief that the human spirit can flourish and goals achieved within a dynamic learning environment

Meet The Team


Lindsay Saddington

Lindsay is the owner, founder and creative producer of Club Voltaire. He is also the owner of Saddington Studios and the artistic director of the Australian Center of Performance and Art. experience. He has been an actor in film, television, and theatre; a director of theatre and music video productions; and a producer of theatre, music video, and film. Lindsay has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major, Psychology and Sociology, including Theatre Arts at Victoria College, Toorak Campus (Deakin) — studies that are related to Lindsay’s fascination by all things human, what makes us tick, and what has meaning to us.


Megan Wilson

Megan is the marketing manager and Venue Manager for Club Voltaire.

She has over 20 years dance experience and has performed in a variety of settings in a variety of styles- Anything from Burlesque to Belly Dance to Bollywood! Trained in New Zealand, Australia and The USA Megan Currently works in Education Support and Dance Teaching and is a qualified Barre instructor


Rob Martin

Rob has been professionally involved in theatre and the arts for over 40 years as a Performer, Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Writer, Producer, Designer, Stage and Company Manager and Piano Accompanist in more than 25 professional productions and is an internationally recognized Vocal Technician/Coach.

Rob’s life in the arts has taken him around the world enabling him to live and work as a professional theatre practitioner in 6 countries; highlights being the critically acclaimed Production/Direction/Musical Direction of the musicals ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Children of Eden’, both performed outdoors in the Cumberland State Forest in Sydney: London (vocal coaching and cabaret performer); New York (Off-Broadway run of a new Australian musical ‘Valentino’); Vancouver (Rapunzel’s Prince in ‘Into the Woods’); and throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, USA, Canada, Egypt, Jordan and The Mediterranean (various Cruise Line contracts as lead singer, featured cabaret artist and dancer).

D. Markey.png

Darren Markey

Darren Markey worked for 10 years in theatre In Victoria and Queensland as a playwright, director, and producer.


In 2002, Darren completed his first screenplay, travelling from his hometown of Melbourne to Los Angeles to begin his journey as writer/producer. This led to the development of a slate of high class screen projects, including feature films and TV series – with more to come.


Darren was screenwriter/associate producer on the supernatural thriller, THE UNLIT (aka THE WITCHES OF BLACKWOOD) – released world-wide through HIGH OCTANE PICTURES in 2021.


Darren’s next feature film project (writer/producer), MAGPIE – a supernatural horror/romance - is slated to commence shooting in May/June 2022. His crime/romance, CLICK (writer/producer/director) is currently under finance and is due to begin shooting in 2023.


Darren has over 14 years experience as a trainer and has an engaging delivery style with a focus on entertainment and knowledge.


Maroussia Vladi

Maroussia Vladi is a Russian/Australian professionally trained actress and theatre maker. Maroussia studied Performing Arts at the Flinders University Drama Centre in Adelaide, Australia, Upon graduating from this faculty (with Honors), Maroussia was invited to study physical theatre at the renowned École Jacques Lecoq (affectionately referred to as Clown College) in Paris. This riveting specialisation lasted two years, after which Maroussia went on to complete a Masters in The Theory of Theatre at L'Université de la Sorbonne. Simultaneously with her higher-level studies, Maroussia founded her own theatre company called Keep It Moving Theatre. Together with a cohort of colleagues from Lecoq, Maroussia toured original plays around France and Europe; the creation and portrayals of which were inspired by the physical theatre medium. Keep It Moving Theatre even went on to reside in London as a company for two years: writing, developing and performing the original work "In Search of Applause" off the West End. 


Throughout all of these creative endeavours, Maroussia continued to teach The Art of Theatre through varying mediums to children, adolescents and adults. She has aspired to share with other curious and creative minds valuable findings related to her during her many years of studying and performing live theatre. Maroussia has taught in Paris at Cours Flourent, and at the Actor's Centre in London.

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