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Begins 30 October 2022/ 6 Weeks / $300


Club Voltaire

Let's Build a Cabaret

Let's Build a Cabaret
Let's Build a Cabaret

Time & Location

Begins 30 October 2022/ 6 Weeks / $300

Club Voltaire, 1st Floor/14 Raglan St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia


About the event

This course will focus on storytelling and acting through song, dialogue and movement. Students will have the chance to learn about creating story and mood, repertoire selection, song interpretation, stage presence, movement and will have the chance to workshop solo performances in front of the group. The class will culminate in a revue-style format of solo and group presentations at Club Voltaire!

Under the guidance of Rob Martin, and with no limitations other than to create a 15-minute cabaret show, the performers will dive headfirst into the issues and areas which interest and resonate with them most, creating theatre which is bound to excite, inspire, amuse, educate and move the audience. Drawing on musical styles vast and many, they will be assisted and guided in their writing, acting and vocal technique as well as changing and interpreting songs to support original script work and movement. Each individual work will be reflective of the performer’s passions and talents.

Cabaret is a unique style of singing, acting, musical and physical performance that is known for its intimacy and the emphasis it places on the lyric through voice and body. It is also an art-form that allows performers of all levels to find a stage. Whether the audience is full of friends and family, or a room full of strangers, that audience becomes the performer’s silent scene partner. The performer’s own connection to and interpretation of the story, lyric, movement and other components, engages with the intimate audience. Students will be given to opportunity to ‘find their voice’ and work to create their unique and honest show, and how to communicate their meaning and intention with an audience

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